8 Effective Ways To Start Affiliate Marketing and Grow Your Email List

The most asked question in my DM’s is, how do I become an affiliate? How do I grow in Affiliate Marketing? So here I am telling you the first thing you need to do is create a lead magnet to grow your email list.

Some people call it a freebie. Some people call it a lead magnet. I’ve even heard it called an opt-in bribe. No matter what you choose to call it, you need to do that FIRST. This is going to be the tool you need to be successful in affiliate marketing.

I’m going to rattle off 10-ish ways to grow your email list, but you need to have that freebie ready because that will be incorporated in many of these ways! – Almost all of them!

There are so many different freebies you can offer and if you’re not sure click the banner below to head to my website, where I have 15 lead magnets that will help you grow your affiliate marketing business. So if you need some creativity flowing to help you figure that out. I’ve got you babe!

So go to my website, get that lead magnet of lead magnets and let it give you some inspiration! If you’re gonna use that to grow your list, you can do an email list, a text message list or both!

Text message marketing – I highly recommend because it seems to be faster to get to people’s inbox, people are responding to it better, it’s not getting put in spam folders, and it has over a 90% open rate.

This blog, I want to focus on email marketing.

Tips #1 Use multiple sign up forms! What I mean by that is if you have a website, you can have a sign up form in multiple different places! You can have an opt-in form on your Facebook Business page, or you could have an opt in form on linktree or milkshake if you don’t have an actual website. Many people make the mistake of having it in one place and if no one ever sees it then they never sign up, right? So make sure that you have got that sign up form everywhere you can.

Tip #2 You can use it as an exit intent pop up. So if you do have a website, make sure that you have an exit intent pop up. If someone goes to click out and they didn’t take any action you can have it where it pops up and says “wait don’t miss this, join my my newsletter or my sign up form”. Make sure you’re not losing those lead. Sometimes people don’t close out because they don’t want to see it. I know with three kids somebody’s running in the background often and I’m just like okay I gotta do this later and I put it away you.

Tip #3 Take advantage of all of your real estate. One of the biggest pieces is your Facebook cover. Example: On my page’s cover you’ll see a picture of me saying “Get My 15 Lead Magnets to Get Prospects To Your Business Here” with a big arrow! Draw attention to the FREEBIE. Other examples would be featured photos, pinning it at the top on instagram, running it as a blog with a pinterest pin and so many more ways! So all of these ways to get that lead magnet out there.

Tip #4 Short Video. Do a TikTok and say, are you struggling to grow your email list? Then I’ll point up and I’ll say click the link in my bio to get my 15 Lead Magnets to Get Prospects To Your Business Here. I’m drawing people to my lead magnet, which is going to draw them to my list.

Tip #5 When you’re making content for social media and posting a selfie, try saying something like I just spent two hours recording podcasts for all of December! So excited to be sharing and bringing new leads into my business! Are you struggling with bringing leads into your business? If so, click the link in the comments to get my 15 Lead Magnets to Get Prospects To Your Business. See how my content wasn’t about that, but that was the call to action. It’s drawing people back to it.

Tip #6 Drawing people back to it you can use Youtube call to action cards. If you’re not familiar with those, that’s a whole other blog article or you can Google it!

Tip #7 Build Social Proof. Let’s say my BFF got my Lead Magnet and she’s like- “OMG, You had the idea of making a five page recipe book on here and she’s in health and wellness and she’s said, I didn’t even think about doing that, but that has gotten me five new customers” I would ask her, hey do you mind posting that? Can you send me a selfie of you with my lead magnet printed or with it on your laptop screen and I’ll post it! Always ask for this! You can even give them a thank you gift for the testimonial.

P.S. I build freebies for people by the way, plug to me. If you’re just like I want someone to just get it done, I do them every day for people… that’s part of my business.

Tip #7 Link in BIO. I wouldn’t do it on Instagram or TikTok because those are smaller bios but on your Facebook about section you can have you can have your link to your Freebie. You Freebie should be on a linktree or milkshake for Instagram and TikTok.

Tip #8 Put it in your Facebook community. So if you have a Facebook group and you’re drawing people into your group, make sure one of the three questions you ask is what is your email address for your freebie. Get the email address right there

All of this is growing your email list for your affiliate business or for your social media marketing business, for your network marketing, or whatever marketing business you’re doing.

For the month of December, my Facebook Group, Podcast, Blogs, and all around content will focus on teaching you how to ROCK Affiliate Marketing for 2023. If you haven’t already joined, make sure that you are in Socially Ausome Entrepreneurs, my free social media marketing community where I give value every single day, free tips and tricks to grow your business online.

Make it Simple .

Make it Social.

Make it Ausome.

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