Workshop on Sales Strategies Made Simple: Amplify with Automation with

Alyece Smith

Complimentary 5-Day Workshop

April 25-27, 2023 at 08:00 PM EST 


A Guide for Aspiring Coaches Who Want to reach Six Figures and Above!

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      • You are tired of doing the same thing over and over with little to no results.
      • You feel like you can’t get caught up in work and personal life.
      • You’re doing all the things and can’t seem to understand why you’re not getting ahead.
      • You understand that in order to succeed, you must develop a workflow, but where to begin?
      • Your schedule runs you!

      1. “Take Control: Become CEO of Your Business & Your Life!”

      Prior to digging into sales tactics and procedures, it’s crucial to pay attention to mentality. Both your actions and who you are as a person matter. Business can be viewed as a spiritual practice because it requires us to constantly learn, grow and evolve. Selling is an art that requires a deep understanding of human psychology and the ability to connect with people on a personal level. Because of this, it’s essential that when you sell, you’re in energy alignment and completely aware of who you are.

      2. “Unlock Your Power and Realize the Dreams of Your Ideal Client”

      You no longer have to persuade or sell your dream clients when you’re a powerful lady. Instead, just communicate your point and ask people to connect. You will discover how to purposefully engage with your audience, draw them in, and capture their attention in today’s course. We’ll go through a variety of subjects, such as figuring out who your ideal client is, optimizing your marketing, and developing tactics for turning leads into purchases. Prepare to step up your sales performance!

      3. “Maximize Your Dream Client Connections with a Systematic Approach”

      Clarity and structure are essential if you want to boost your sales outcomes. It’s crucial to concentrate on people who will genuinely appreciate your services and who you are supposed to serve because not everyone you meet will be your ideal customer. You will discover the easiest methods for setting priorities, growing your audience, following up with leads, and igniting discussions in today’s lesson. You may increase your productivity and, ultimately, your business’s success by improving five essential elements of your sales process.

      4. “Set Sail on a Sales Journey: Make Connections” 

      Success depends on building a solid relationship with your ideal customers and assisting them in the sales process. You will learn a unique method for creating sales funnels in this lesson that resembles a game than a tedious procedure. I developed a visual sales funnel system, which hundreds of business owners have used to great effect. I still employ it myself, and it keeps working. You’ll always know where your next sale is coming from if you understand and use this straightforward but powerful method, which will make your sales process more pleasurable and profitable. Prepare to change your sales approach while having fun!

      5. “Engage in a Thoughtful Discussion – Q & A Session!”

      “Questions? We’ve Got Answers. Turn questions into information that transforms.

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