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Branding Like A BOSS!

If you are struggling to attract that ideal client, that Ideal customer, the person that you want to work with your business. Nine times out of 10 something is wrong with your branding and I’m not just talking about colors and fonts.

I’m talking about your brand voice, your brand messaging, and all of the things that attract people to you. Your content, who is your content speaking to? Is it speaking to the person that you want to work with? or the person who you used to be? I say this with conviction because I also struggled with it.

Successful branding is essential for any business to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition. It’s not just about having a recognizable logo or slogan; it’s about creating an entire identity that resonates with customers.

The 7 VITAL THINGS (to REMEMBER in Branding)

When it comes to branding like a boss, there are seven essential elements to consider.

1 CONSISTENCY – Consistency is critical in branding. A consistent brand message and look across all channels, including digital, print, and social media, help establish an identity and build brand recognition. ‘First impressions count’, this is absolutely true in establishing a strong successful brand. Branding like a Boss involves understanding how consistency is key in the process of creating an effective presence.

2 FONTFont choice matters in branding. When considering font choice, it’s important to remember that it can either make or break your brand identity. Whatever message you’re trying to get across with your branding. That font choice you choose will either help communicate it or it will conflict with it. It’s essential to consider how the chosen font reflects your company values and shapes customer perceptions about what you do or offer.

3 COLORS – The colors you choose convey a wide range of emotions and feelings. When it comes to branding. The right color selection can be essential in creating an effective visual message for your brand. Colors play an important role in how consumers perceive your brand. It’s important to consider how these emotions fit into the image you want to portray for your company when deciding on which colors will represent your business best. So you need to know what colors to choose when you’re trying to convey your brand messaging.

4 CLAIM EVERY PROFILE AND USE SPECIFIC SIZES – We want people to easily find us when they search for our brand online. We need to claim our profile for our business every chance we get. Don’t just think that because you’re only focusing on a certain platform. You don’t have to create on the other platforms that you are not using. Even if you’re not going to be active on the other platforms. I recommend as a professional that you go ahead and create a consistent username across all of your platforms.

5 TONE OF VOICE – Your branding does not just include the images that you’re using or you’re font. It also includes your tone. Creating a tone of voice is essential for any business or organization. It gives your customers an idea of the kind of company you are and what they can expect from interacting with you. Develop a perfect tone of voice for your brand and stick to it, and get very specific about your messaging to your target Customer.

“know your brand best and you should know your messaging best”

6 SPEAK DIRECTLY TO YOUR CUSTOMERS – To start with, define your mission statement so that it reflects what drives you as a business. When you figure it out, you understand who your target customer is and why you’re in business to serve them. Follow through with the problems that they have, and this results in how your solution can help them with their problem.

7  PULL INSPIRATION FROM MILLION-DOLLAR BRANDS –  A lot of people are scared to follow brands that know what they’re doing. Because then you get imposter syndrome. We often compare ourselves to these big brands and we get nervous, we get timid, and then we feel like we’re not doing all the things that these brands are doing. But hey, let me tell you that the only way to learn, and not just the only way to learn but the BEST way to learn is by watching what success looks like, watching what successful people are doing and how they’re nailing it in their brand and how you can create that same momentum and success and use what they have done in your own business.


Always remember the first VITAL THING which is CONSISTENCY. Not just in your business but with your life.

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I love reading reviews, it speaks to me and helps me understand what you want to hear on the channel. I always appreciate it with my whole heart.

Make it Simple,

Make it Social,

Make it Ausome

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