Simplify your business with ONE software!

Are you overwhelmed with having too many tools for your business? Spending hundreds on softwares running you in circles? Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to the one simple tool you need to run your business like a BOSS! This software is like having a Virtual Assistant for your business! From scheduling social media posts to managing your groups and more! 

Everything You Get With This Software:

  • Connect with new people! Targets Niche Audience!
  • Follow-up system & bulk messaging!
  • Removes friends that have not engaged with you in the past 6 Months!!
  • CRM where you can tag or label people!!
  • Send out a broadcast to a particular label…
  • Send birthday messages on a person’s birthday, before OR after the birthday. You set it!!
  • Schedule posts and your stories!
  • Have the software automatically respond to people who answer a POLL in FB stories
  • Posting AI – Creates Content for YOU…
  • Autoruns your Facebook groups by welcoming, accepting them, and more!!
  • Group Invite: Auto invites people to your groups and business pages…