Four Things to Know When Building Your Logo

So many business owners get overwhelmed at the thought of creating a logo. 

Are you ready for the OXYMORON of a lifetime? 

Don’t overthink it, but think it through!  I know.. You’re like WTH does that mean, Alyece? 

Well… let me explain… Here are 4 things to consider when crafting a logo that suits your brand! 

  1. Representation 

It not only needs to be something you connect with and that represents you now, but something that will represent you in the future. Where is your brand going? What are your BHAG’s for your brand? 

You don’t want to pivot and change your logo’s annually. You absolutely have the right to do so whenever you’d like too; however, we all know how upset we get when Walmart moves things on the aisle right? 

It would be hard to build a recognizable brand that shape shifts faster than a transformer. 

So really take some time to think about what you are going to do with your business over the next 5, 10, 15 years. 

You also want to make sure it’s not swaying into the wrong industry. Example: If your logo is a house with words on it and you’re a hairstylist… you see the confusion there, right? 

  1.  No Brand Name, No Problem

Even if you don’t have a “business name”, for instance my business name is Socially Ausome, Craft a logo that represents your name. 

Solopreneurship is in and building a personal brand is hotter than ever! Branding your name is a great idea… because it doesn’t change, usually!

Even when using your name as a logo, create a recognizable signature look for your name to utilize as your company logo and turn it into a few variations to use on graphic work. 

Your full name, scripted, initials and more! 

Four Things to Consider
  1.  Variations

You need multiple variations of your logo. This allows you to level up your brand and keeps your look cohesive and consistent across all platforms.

You should have a primary logo that is used the majority of the time. This main logo will go on things like your website, your business cards, your marketing materials, and more.

Typically, you have a short form secondary logo, this may be a vertical format if your primary logo is horizontal and may be just a simplified version.

Some places you may use your secondary logo would be your social media graphics!

It is important to have several variations of your logo to avoid stretching or squeezing a logo into a space. When you have a vertical format and a horizontal format, you have options. 

  1.  ICONS

Any icons you want to be recognizable in your brand could also be included in your primary logo.

Often you will find that these icons are also pulled out to be used like a stamp on graphics… aka submarks.

For example, for me you will see the crown. It is part of my 2 logos and often used as an icon in my work. 

The crown also symbolizes my brand. We are an Autism family and we are unique! We encourage others to be AUSOME the way they are and wear the crown proudly! 

So – what questions do you have for branding? DM me and let me know! 

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