Owning the Relationship with Your Audience!

In this article we’ll discuss the importance of owning a relationship with your audience.

Building relationships requires patience and dedication; it’s not something that happens overnight. You must regularly engage with your audience to understand their needs and desires. Knowing what they need from you will enable you to create content that resonates with them. The key to a successful affiliate marketer is having a loyal, engaged audience who cares about what you say.

Know your Platforms

The success of businesses in the digital age relies on their ability to understand and utilize the platforms they use. To maximize engagement, companies must ensure they are knowledgeable in the forum to build relationships with their audience. No matter if a business uses social media, email marketing, or other online strategies. Understanding how each forum works and its strengths and weaknesses will be critical to engaging an audience. Knowing which platforms are more likely to reach specific demographics or have better tracking tools for measuring success can be immensely beneficial when developing content that appeals specifically to those audiences. It is also worth considering how different platforms work together and what their collective impact may be.

I own a social media marketing agency and do my short video content. My brand is on social media daily, and I highly recommend it. However, I don’t rely solely on those channels because it’s risky for several reasons. Many algorithms deprioritize your organic social content. We hate to hear that, but less than 5% of your Facebook and Instagram friends will see your post.

Social media and YouTube are the first go-to for people in affiliate marketing to share their product recommendations. That’s why most people now go to video content because the platforms favor it. So you’re more likely to reach not only more of your followers but people who are not even following you, people who are not even your friends. But I still would not rely solely on that platform because these apps or media are pushing people to buy ads; you can also have your account hacked, deleted, or reported. They get aggravated with seeing your content over and over, do not see the results they want to see, and say you like that. I get reported regularly; I think that’s what happens because I have been written for all types of things.

Direct your engagement

I am doing both email and text message marketing. I love text message marketing because it gets into people’s hands much faster. On the other hand, email marketing and platforms are now filtering out our responders even more robustly than before. I am on my email list so that I get a copy of all the emails I send out to my list, and mine always goes into the promotions folder. So if you have somebody that doesn’t check that folder daily or that filter daily, they will completely miss your correspondence. On the contrary, text messages go straight to their inbox on their phone, and I love that. You need to mitigate the risk and have a direct line of communication with your audiences.

Having an engaged audience is essential to any business or brand. Having a direct line of communication with them can ensure you are providing the best service possible, which will go a long way in developing customer relationships. Establishing and maintaining this line of communication should be a top priority for any business owner looking to build trust and loyalty amongst their audiences.

Realize the risk

The risk of not having this kind of connection is that potential customers may become disengaged and less likely to purchase from you. To mitigate this risk, creating multiple channels for your audience members to stay in touch with your brand is essential. Email campaigns, text messages, newsletters, or other forms of content can help engage your audiences directly, ensuring they remain loyal customers. Creating personalized experiences tailored toward each customer can show that your brand appreciates and values their loyalty.

So having them join your list is the key to owning the relationship with your audience. Then you’re in control over when they receive your information and how long it takes to reach them, and you have a place in their inbox, whereas their feed on all of these different platforms is probably oversaturated, just like yours is, right?

How can I grow my list?

You can get their contact information by adding a popup box to your website if you currently have a website. If you don’t, you can have a milkshake or a link tree in your bio where they can sign up. You can quickly put keywords on your video using a platform like Project Broadcast.

Having a solid relationship with your audience is essential for any successful business. Without an understanding of your target audience, creating products or services that will appeal to them is challenging. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to grow your audience and build relationships with them.

Quick ninja tip!

Given that if you are an affiliate for multiple companies or multiple different niches, I will say:

One, it will be hard to market on social media because the algorithm needs to learn your niche.
Two, you need to have multiple lists because interwinding list with different interests is one quick way to lose it.

You’ll lose a lot of likes and trust by just mass marketing to everyone. We all have heard it WHEN YOU SPEAK TO EVERYONE, YOU SPEAK TO NO ONE, especially when sending out communication.

You need to separate your lists based on what people are interested in.

So I hope this helps. Stay tuned for quick tips about affiliate marketing all month of December. It might even go into January because this is a hot topic. It’s incredible how you can do a lot of work in a minimal amount of time and benefit from affiliate-style marketing.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to me. If you haven’t joined my free community of socially extraordinary entrepreneurs, I highly recommend that you do. It’s where I give free tips and tricks every day, and we do free training, challenges, and all.

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