Starting a dropshipping business!

Humble Beginnings

My husband and I have been together for 12 years. He has been working in the oil field for 15 years, moreover, he has been laid off three times when we were together. Much of the reason for it is outside factors that are uncontrollable and that being said there is uncertainty with our jobs especially if we’re just employees. We went from six figures of income to zero, because at that time I wasn’t really working full time.


I left my nine to five Job in June of 2022.  I leaned back then to be somewhat conservative with my money. But I learned to have a better relationship with money as far as like spending it to allow money to flow freely into my life.

Take it from experience

I had really thought about going into freelancing, with the niche of social media management because that’s where my skill set was. I was going to go job to job and just charge hourly, and I wasn’t 100% sure. But once I got into it, I started building an agency.

I got into learning about making money online more than I already knew, and I realized I really can have multiple streams of income.

Socially Ausome is a social media marketing and consulting agency founded by yours truly Alyece Smith affiliate marketer and a network marketer.

Multiple Streams of Income – DROP SHIPPING

Dropshipping is when you partner with the supplier through a website/e-commerce platform, and when someone buys a product, it goes directly from the supplier to the customer. It allows entrepreneurs to build an online business with minimal overhead, no need for inventory, and flexible hours.

I personally have introduced six or seven different streams of income into our family in the last six months.

I wanted that multiple streams of income because I wanted to have more SECURITY.

I have opened two Shopify stores in the last 30 days and I have another one opening in about 45 days.

Let me explain it to you:

The first one I opened is a coffee store, it’s called Awesome Brew it’s in the form of dropshipping since  I have no coffee here in my house. When you order from me, it links and integrates on the website on my Shopify. It notifies me. I click the button that says fulfill the order and then it notifies the supplier to ship your order out. So, I’m not packing stuff up. I’m not boxing stuff. I’m not doing anything. And then you’re looking at profit margins.

You are the middle man pretty much from the supplier to the customer and you just have to learn marketing, basically marketing. Get customer testimonials and run your social media.

Shopify is the answer

When it comes to Dropshipping, Shopify is my preferred platform for my products. It’s super simple to set up and integrates with everything because It’s mostly app-based. You can even watch them on YouTube.

Shopify Integrates:

  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • eBay

You can actually list your products on all of those platforms by using Shopify.

As mentioned, my first Shopify store was Ausome Brew. I paid someone to set it up for me. I’ve got someone that’s automating and marketing it.

My second store that we opened is called Sunstuff Official. I was the one who set it up and was able to get it up and running in a matter of two or three days. It’s that easy!

If you want to invest in someone to set it up for you, that’s an option for you, 150%. On the other hand with a little research and training, you can do it on your own. Just like what I did in my second store.

Dropshipping is a huge, huge opportunity for you!

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