The Social Mindset: Understanding the Psychology of social media

The fundamentals of the word of the mouth marketing and the act of sharing on social media are the same. With the rise of different social media platforms, people share on an array of different channels. Understanding the Psychology behind every social media helps us to create strategy on how we can communicate with the audience effectively.

The content we share on various channels differs. Let’s think about this. What you share on Instagram might not be the same on what you share on Facebook. As well as to what you share on TikTok or Twitter. We have different platforms that we can utilize and share in different ways

Why do we post on social media? Why are people so drawn to it?

Valuable and entertaining content makes us happy

Valuable and entertaining content has the ability to uplift our mood, inspire us, and provide us with a much-needed escape from the stress of daily life. Especially during the post COVID. Whether it’s a hilarious meme or an inspiring story, it helps us feel good about ourselves and our lives.

Moreover, valuable and entertaining content is not only limited to fun or engaging topics. It can also be informative, educational, or thought-provoking. When we learn something new through an entertaining medium like a video or podcast. We are more likely to retain that information and apply it in our lives.

Bringing valuable and entertaining content to other people creates a positive impact on their lives. Whether it’s for personal enjoyment or growth purpose. Such content makes people happy by providing them with an enjoyable experience coupled with meaningful insights. Hence entertainment has always been a huge piece of social media.

Social Media Helps us define ourselves

Social Media helps us to define ourselves whether you’re a business or not. You have a personal brand, you have a personality. You have a way on how you dress, the way you talk, and you have values as a person. The content that we share on social media reflects on our identity. It’s a way of being different, being unique, and being yourself.

70% of people say they share on social media to communicate who they are and what they care about. It’s our platform, it’s our own personal TED talk and your audience is open to it.

As social media continues to dominate our lives, it has become a crucial tool for individuals and businesses alike. Personal profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are no longer just a means of keeping in touch with friends and family. They’re now an extension of who we are. With the ability to showcase our interests, beliefs, and values to the world through curated content. Social media has allowed us to define ourselves in ways that were once impossible.

Everyone wants to grow and nourish their relationships

73% of people share online to meet others with shared interests. Also, 78% of people share because it enables them to communicate with people they wouldn’t otherwise stay in touch with. People share as a means to make and maintain connections with others.

Another factor that draws people to social media is the ability to connect with others in real-time. Social media platforms have made it possible for individuals to communicate with friends, family members, colleagues. Even strangers from all over the world easily. This connection allows individuals to share experiences and ideas with others who they may not have meet yet.

One of the biggest advantages of social media is that it enables us to grow and nourish our relationships in a way that was once impossible. We can effortlessly keep up with what our loved ones are doing on a daily basis, celebrate their milestones, and offer support during challenging times. Social media also makes it easier to meet like-minded individuals who share similar interests or hobbies.

Understanding the Psychology of Social Media:

Psychology of social media

Self Fulfilment

We share things on social media because we enjoy the content and It makes us feel connected to the world. This also gives the chance for other people to celebrate our wins with us and at the same time we can help celebrate other people’s wins.

Sharing things that we enjoy with others can be a great way to fulfill ourselves. It allows us to express our passions and connect with like-minded people who share our interests. When we share something that brings us joy, it not only benefits us but also those around us by giving them a glimpse into what makes us happy.

Overall, sharing is an essential part of human connection and fulfillment. Whether it’s through social media or face-to-face interactions, sharing what we love with others can help bring more joy and meaning into our lives while building strong relationships along the way.

A Million Voices

Through social media we are also able to share content that we show support for or a cause to inform people what are our principles. Take in my brand for example, the reason that my brand is spelled differently is because I’m an autism mom and this pushes me to be an entrepreneur because I needed the flexibility in my schedule. I very often share content around autism awareness and autism acceptance.

Sharing content online has become a powerful tool for individuals to show support for causes and brands that align with their values. By sharing content related to a particular cause, individuals can inform others about the issues affecting society and encourage them to take action. In today’s digital age, social media platforms have made it easier than ever before to share information and raise awareness about important causes.

Sharing content online can be an effective way of getting the word out about causes or brands you believe in. By creating valuable pieces of information or curating existing ones through various social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, one can reach a wider audience while also staying true to their principles. Whether it’s promoting environmental sustainability, human rights advocacy or supporting local businesses; by being intentional in our messaging we can make a difference in the world we live in today.

The Social Media users

There are six different types of people that shares content on social media. There are people that share helpful content, usually the preferred channel or platform they use is on Facebook or email. Because there’s different. platforms for each one. There are the people are building professional reputations and much of them would be using LinkedIn to post. There are people who share cutting edge and creative content building identity. Their preferred channel would be on Instagram, Facebook, and possibly Twitter. There are people who shares content to get reaction from audience. There are also connectors. These are the people that share content to stay connected with others and make their plans through social media. Lastly there are the selective people. These are the people who put’s put a lot of thought on what they share, who they share it with.


It is clear that the psychology of social media has a profound effect on how we communicate, how we present ourselves online and the experiences that we create based on the platforms we use. The most important thing to remember is that it is up to us to use this knowledge responsibly and safely. Social media is not something you have to agree with or use. As long as we understand the psychology behind it and how it can affect our lives both online and offline, then that’s all that matters. We must remain mindful of our thoughts and intentions before using these platforms so that they don’t turn into an unhealthy addition to our lives. Furthermore, by understanding the psychology around social media, we can set boundaries for ourselves so that it can be used in a responsible way.

Make it Simple, Make it social, and Make it Ausome!

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