What is Brand Personality?

What is a brand personality? It refers to the human characteristics attributed to a brand name and is often used to create an emotional connection between consumers and products or services.

As people increasingly strive for personalization, understanding how to create strong brand personalities is becoming essential for any business looking to make an impact on their customers.

Companies should accurately define brand personalities to resonate with the right customers.

Can we still be friends?

You’re not friends with everyone in life. You have acquaintances, business people, and customers, but are you true friends with people?

Does your personality click with everyone?

No. The same thing with you branding your customers.

**” when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” **

Your personality will define who precisely aligns with you, whom you want to work with, and who wants to work with you. It should aim to have that positive emotional response from the right customers and consumers.

The personal side of brand personality is important because in the digital age, with all of the artificial intelligence automation. One should make sure that their brand personality is still sprinkled throughout that, making sure that It still has a human touch, because we don’t want to look and sound like a robot when engaging with our customers.

You need to understand your brand’s personality.

5 types of personality.

  • Excitement – carefree, spirited, youthful brands.
  • Sincerity – kindness, thoughtfulness, an orientation of like family values.
  • Ruggedness – rough, rugged, outdoorsy, athletic-style brands
  • Competence – successful, accomplished, and influential, which will be highlighted many times through their leadership.
  • Sophisticated – so elegant, prestigious, and sometimes pretentious brands.

Brand personality is the framework that helps your company shape people’s feelings. It is an emotional response from the consumer to get that positive action from them. We want them to purchase from you because they got positive affirmation from you, similar to your personality.

To choose your personality, you need to consider those five personality types and select which one you want your company to portray.

To clear things out, I’ll give you an example: Click on the thumbnail to listen to the video.

Brand Personality

Quick Reminder

A company’s brand personality should be distinct from imagery because a company’s imagery is a series of its creative assets and logos. These are tangible benefits of the brand. But personality is something that is portrayed in your marketing campaign. Its results are increased in equity, and it defines the brand’s attitude.

Quick Ninja tip #1

You can go with something other than your niche’s norm. Your personality can change. It can develop, and it can pivot with your brand growth too.

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