Why NOT Mentioning Your Company Name Will Help Your Network Marketing Business Grow

In today’s digital age, it can often seem as if everyone is shouting out their Network Marketing company name and products online. I get you, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you can’t pass it up the ground floor, you’re passionate about the company, you love the products and you want everyone to love the products.

With the increase of social media and other online platforms, everyone has an unprecedented ability to reach potential customers. However, it is essential for companies to use these platforms responsibly in order to ensure that their marketing messages are compelling and not off-putting.

I did the same thing It’s totally normal but I’m going to tell you why it’s actually going to damage your business and be less effective and how I know that for a fact.

A noisy and crowded network market

In the last 30 days, I have had my own testimony of “why not mentioning your company name will help grow your network marketing business even more”.

Although social media can be a great platform to promote your business, the majority of people who are on these apps are not actively looking to buy or join a business. People tend to use social media for leisure and entertainment purposes, such as scrolling through their feeds, watching funny videos on TikTok, or posting selfies on Instagram. While it is certainly possible that somebody might come across an ad for your product and decide to purchase it, chances are most people aren’t browsing through social media with the intent of buying something.

This shouldn’t deter you from utilizing social media as a platform to promote your business – after all, many companies have been successful in doing so – but it’s important to remember that most people aren’t there specifically looking for products or services. Therefore, in order for your ads to be effective and capture attention, they need to be creative and stand out among the countless other posts someone is seeing every day. If you can create content that resonates with potential customers and persuades them into wanting what you have to offer, then you could potentially see success in sales from using social media as an advertising platform.

Think before you post!

I’m not saying don’t be loud and proud but you got to do it from a standpoint where you’re proud of what you know and what you have and not for the company nor the product. What happens when you post everything from your product down to your company? You don’t leave any room for curiosity and that’s part of why people don’t buy. If people see the name of your company all over and over again. A large percentage of those people are going to Google it. They’re going to find someone that has written a negative or a bad review about your company somewhere. This could put your potential client/customer off. You may not have even known someone was interested and they were put off even before we get to speak and resonate with their needs, people get angry about small things.

People are looking for solutions to their problems. This is why many successful marketing campaigns focus on how a product or service can help solve a problem. You must be careful to understand the motivations of your customers and how they perceive the product or service being offered. As consumers, we want more than just an item. We want something that will provide some sort of satisfaction or relief from our daily struggles and difficulties.

The Right thing to do

It’s in the nature of humans to be nosy. People get to be intrigued by anything and want to know more. When we fill in that curiosity people want to have a conversation with us.

If you don’t give anything away and got them intrigued, they’ll talk to you. People are nosy, so go out there and put up a curiosity post.


You’ll never guess what helped me lose eight pounds in the last seven days.


When you post don’t use the word “Selling”

See how many people come to you and ask you right after that intriguing post,

They have to talk to you to find out more, right? Now you can start building that trust, that relationship we talk about with that person. Find out what they’re looking for and you offer them a solution.

Here’s a video to get more into this:

Network Marketing

Reap the benefits

I actually joined a new network marketing campaign 30 days ago. I had a lot of doubt and a little confidence in my prospecting. I went out and met with my upline. We were talking about discovery and I said I’m a strong customer sale, I’m all customer volume. I’m going to need some coaching on prospecting and recruiting. 30 days later 28 people joined my company.

I haven’t had 28 people join any of the companies that I’ve been with in years. People see this huge opportunity to join my company. 90 percent of them hadn’t even tried the product. What does that say to you? 28 people bought in on my team in the last 30 days. Without even trying the product because they believed in me. 150 percent of those people who joined me said: I don’t know what she’s selling and I don’t know what she’s doing but I know she’s good at it.


When you build a strong personal brand and step into that leadership role. People will want to learn from you and want to work with you. The same goes for customers If they feel that you’re sincere with them and they don’t feel they’re getting sold.

You are building that trust with your audience. They will buy from you because they trust you. You as well must take that very seriously because you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that trust.

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