Alyece Smith is a mompreneur of 3 and the owner and creator of Socially Ausome. 

She is a certified Social Media Marketing and Branding Strategist with over six years of experience in Digital Marketing space. She is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to implement simple social strategies into their businesses to humanize their brand. 

Currently active in network marketing, affiliate marketing, and as Social Media Management and Consulting agency owner, Alyece helps others elevate their online presence by making it simple, social, and ausome!

She graduated from Southern Mississippi University and is a certified Customer Service Xperience Officer. 

FUN FACT: AUSOME is spelled differently to encourage you to show up on social authentically and uniquely. My son Caiden is on the Autism Spectrum, and as an Autism family, we have learned to be unapologetically US. It was the inspiration and push I needed to start my journey in entrepreneurship.