The Social Success Academy is an ACCREDITED 6-month group coaching program for the passionate and driven online entrepreneur who is eager to draw in their ideal clients NOW by implementing simple social strategies and humanizing their brand.

Does this sound familiar?

Every day, you wake up feeling unfulfilled and dread the morning journey to your 9-to-5 job. Yet, you keep going along with it because you're unsure about how to generate a steady income in your business?

Create the profitable business you've always dreamed of and share your gifts with the world!


You only work when you want, have time to travel the world, and explore all the places on your bucket list. Your future is limitless and you feel like anything is possible.

Your bank account has never been more abundant. You finally feel like you are worthy of money in your life.

You were able to kick the feelings of not being “good enough” to the curb so you can show up confidently and start attracting the people you are meant to work with + who want to pay you!

For the first time, you feel in alignment, have the confidence to take your business to the next level, and become an in-demand 6 figure entrepreneur.

What to expect...

Social Success Academy teaches you the aligned strategy for building an intentional and solid foundation for your business by implementing simple social strategies for lead generation and sales!

⭐ Even if you don’t have a million followers on Instagram.

⭐ Even if you have no clue who you’re ideal clients are or how to find them.

⭐ Even if you have no idea how to sell your offers or create content.

⭐ Structured Curriculum with Suggested Reading Guidelines to keep you on track.

⭐ Weekly Group Coaching Calls w/ Alyece.

⭐ Access to our Facebook Group to have your questions answered 24/7.

⭐ Lifetime access to the back office.


Alyece Smith is a mompreneur of 3 and the owner of Socially Ausome.

She is a certified Social Media Marketing and Branding Strategist with over six years of experience in Digital Marketing in Corporate America. She is passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs to implement simple social strategies into their businesses to humanize their brand.

Currently active in network marketing, affiliate marketing, and as So

cial Media Management and Consulting agency owner, Alyece helps others elevate their online presence by making it simple, social, and ausome!

She graduated from Southern Mississippi University and is a certified Customer Service Xperience Officer.

FUN FACT: AUSOME is spelled differently to encourage you to show up on social authentically and uniquely. My son Caiden is on the Autism Spectrum, and as an Autism family, we have learned to be unapologetically US. It was the inspiration and push I needed to start my journey in entrepreneurship.

Social Success Academy is an accredited for program

content and training quality!

Let’s get started by diving deep into the ways you can authentically showcase your business. By identifying and extracting your unique qualities, you’ll have the confidence to use your voice and incorporate your personality into every aspect of your business from copy and visuals to services and programs.

Since success is 80% Mindset, we will ensure your mindset supports YOUR success by helping you master how to focus your mind on creating the clients who start showing up in your inbox regularly asking how they can work with you. No more icky cold selling!

We delve into the heart of successful business positioning by helping you define your niche and create your ideal avatar. We’ll identify the unique characteristics, needs, and desires of your perfect customer. You'll have a clear understanding of who your ideal client is, enabling you to tailor your marketing strategies, products, and services for maximum impact and connection; it's about discovering the soul of your business and connecting with those who need your work the most.

Transform you into a master of branding. Dive into the essential principles and strategies of powerful, effective branding. Explore how to create a resonant brand identity, from developing a compelling brand story and voice to choosing the right visual elements like logos and color schemes. You'll learn how to establish a strong, memorable brand that speaks directly to your target audience, sets you apart from competitors, and authentically represents your business values and vision.

Tailored to equip you with the techniques and insights needed for effective lead generation on social media platforms. You'll learn to craft compelling content, leverage targeted advertising, and engage with your audience in a way that converts followers into leads. We'll also cover the importance of building relationships and trust through consistent, value-driven interactions.

Designed to unlock the full potential of automation in your business processes. You'll explore the power of automation tools and software that can streamline your daily operations, enhance productivity, and minimize manual errors. We'll guide you through setting up automated systems for tasks like email marketing, customer relationship management, social media posting, and data entry.

Finally, you will be able to relax, grab a glass of wine (or two!), and feel confident about creating an impactful business, more income + more freedom to enjoy all of life’s pleasures.

Your Investment Options:



👑 2X Private Coaching Calls with Alyece (one in 1st month and one in 6th month)

👑 Private Channel Voxer Support (~$1000)

👑 17+ x LIVE Training Calls 1 hour Mins on Zoom (~ $6400)

👑 6 x Group Q & A Coaching Calls 30 Mins on Zoom (~ $2000)

👑 Facebook Support and Community (~ $2000)

👑 Weekly Office Hours for LIVE Feedback

$16,000+ VALUE

1 X PAYMENT OF $2500


👑 2X Private Coaching Calls with Alyece (one in 1st month and one in 6th month)

👑 Private Channel Voxer Support with Alyece (~$1000)

👑 17 x LIVE Training Calls 1 hour Mins on Zoom (~ $6400)

👑 6 x Group Q & A Coaching Calls 30 Mins on Zoom (~ $2000)

👑 Facebook Support and Community (~ $2000)

👑 Weekly Office Hours for LIVE Feedback

$16,000+ VALUE



👑 17 x LIVE Training Calls 1 hour Mins on Zoom (~ $6400)

👑 6 x Group Q & A Coaching Calls 30 Mins on Zoom (~ $2000)

👑 Facebook Support and Community (~ $2000)

$10,400+ VALUE

1 X PAYMENT OF $1500


👑 17 x LIVE Training Calls 1 hour Mins on Zoom (~ $6400)

👑 6 x Group Q & A Coaching Calls 30 Mins on Zoom (~ $2000)

👑 Facebook Support and Community (~ $2000)

$10,400+ VALUE


Don't Just Take My Word For It...

What To Expect...

# 1- Exclusive Social Success Academy LIVE Trainings each week

Join me LIVE each week, where I will present training on the topic of the week. Don’t worry if you can’t join us LIVE, you will have access to the replays.

#2- 24/7 Private Voxer Support + Community

Jump inside the private Group Voxer (app), with your fellow online entrepreneurs. This is where you will find the support + feedback from your coach and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs and celebrate the progress and success you are making.

#3- Live Q & A Coaching Calls with Alyece

Tune in each week for a LIVE Q & A coaching call via Google Meet. Get the support you need, whether you’re struggling with your Mindset, need more clarity on your soul-mate client, or have the pre-sales call jitters, this is the place you will receive the support you need.

#4- Plan of Action

You will walk away with a mapped-out plan of action, that you can use time after time so you can continue to make consistent income in your business. You will feel relieved to finally have the clarity you need to feel abundant.

☑️ You are a service-based entrepreneur who wants to create an impact and make money doing it.

☑️ You want to feel financially secure in your business so that you can stop worrying about the lack of funds in your bank account.

☑️ You are desperately wanting to share your gifts with the world because you know that what you have to offer can change people’s LIVES.

☑️ You have already started your business but have no idea how or are struggling to attract + sign high-paying clients.

☑️ You want to be a part of a community of like-minded female entrepreneurs, where you support each other, hold one another accountable, and where you can celebrate the successes and milestones in your business 🎉


When does Social Success Academy Start?

Social Success Academy opens up to accept students periodically in the year. Your term runs 6 months from when you enroll.

Will I Get 1:1 Private Coaching?

1:1 Private Coaching calls (2X) are available in the VIP package ONLY. The non-VIP package includes LIVE Group Training calls & Group Q&A calls.

How Do I Know I'm Going to Get a Return on My Investment?

You will get what you put in. If you are ready to learn, implement what I teach, and do whatever it takes, I am confident you will find success.


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