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You will obtain:

*30 interesting and appealing post templates tailored to your business.

*5 popular Reels scripts with related audio links.

*Every month on the 25th, professional quality graphics (story templates, quotes, etc.) are generated for your business.

*Thousands of stunning (royalty-free) photos and photo recommendations are available.

*You can leave them as is or change them. Your monthly plan will be ready in an hour or two.

Your $39.00 monthly subscription includes

everything you’ll need to make a monthly plan:

  • 30 captions (Average 30 Based on the average days of the month)
  • Reel ideas for your content
  • 30 ideas for photos or reels
  • Story ideas for your brand
  • 10 pictures, phrases, and Instagram story themes that have been professionally made
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I’m Alyece,

Certified Social Media Marketing Expert and the creator of Socially Ausome. Social Media Marketing for 5 years and is an agency owner, affiliate marketer, influencer, and network marketer. She is also a Certified Customer Experience Officer and is truly passionate about helping businesses join their customers in the online world.

So allow ME to do this for you. I designed a program that will save you countless sleepless hours while producing outstanding outcomes – which equals more SALES.

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