- High Impact Inbox

- 14 Email Swipe Templates to Plug & Play for your Email Marketing

- Reels That Reach 16 pages PACKED with how to make REELS that actually REACH and convert for your business

- Simple Content Creation with over 50 Prompts and Ideas for you to make creating content easy

- Stories That SELL - 7 days of story ideas to help you reach and get into your ideal customer's inbox

- Authentic Audience Strategy - 5-point strategy to help you build that 6-figure business you really want

- Brand Like A Boss Playbook - My Step By Step Guide to Building a BRAND that magnetizes your CUSTOMER to you

- 32 Story Backgrounds to use in your Instagram/Facebook Stories that you can plug and play immediately

- TikTok Tactics Challenge Planner - A planner to help you create the ultimate TikTok Strategy

- Creative Content Vault - 100 HOOKS, 90 Days of Content Ideas, and 13 ways you can

repurpose your content to make it easier than ever

- Social Media Master Planner to help you make your social media winning strategy across all platforms

- Affiliate Marketing 101 Guide - Shows you step-by-step how to implement affiliate marketing into your business for multiple streams of income

- Secret Sauce to $10k on Social Guide - from A-Z how I created my first digital product and SOLD it

- 48 Tools & Training I used to grow my business to 6 figures on a shoestring budget

- Digital Product Workbook - use this workbook to plan your PROFITABLE Digital Product

- Narrowing your niche, our audience, and more

- Master Resell Rights/PLR Rights on ALL the items in this bundle

ROADMAP 3.0 - Online Digital Marketing &

Business Development Course

A done-for-you product that has a proven track record and can easily make you money online....PLUS...the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals.

The Roadmap is the perfect beginners training for someone who wants to have a product to sell and learn the right way to set up a sales funnel, do the tech stuff and automatic email marketing plus so much more.

It is everything you need to know about developing and launching any business but especially a business online.

The best part is that it gives you your first product to sell online because that is what Master Resell Rights does. It allows you to sell the product as if it is created by you and you get 100% profit from every sale.

You're even allowed to sell it under a different name and start your own community if you so choose.

Imagine if you made one sale a month...

What would you do with $497 each month

or 4 sales a month = $1988

10 sales a month = $4790

or 4-5 sales a week = $7952

Simply Passive - Digital Marketing Course

SIMPLY PASSIVE has 45+ video modules, templates, checklists, and MORE. What you will find in the course:

- Neutral branding and aesthetic

- Modules/lessons all presented faceless

- Deep modules on niche to help you find EXACTLY who you are talking to and what your audience needs to hear

- Learn how to create faceless content

-Heavy focus on social media strategies and content creation, including caption writing, hooks, trending audio, and more

-Step by Step Canva module that teaches you how to create your OWN digital product [including templates]

- Learn how to brand yourself, including aestheticsTime Management

-Mastering your mindset and daily tips you can apply that will change everything

-Email marketing using Flodesk [including templates]

-Entire module is dedicated to automation including Manychat, Flodesk, and more.

AND it comes with Master Resell Rights, which means that you can resell the course yourself and keep 100% of the profit for EVERY sale!